Lit Fangirls
PB and J here with our new awesome website!   If You bored check out are Wattpad account and libraries! Click the link at the bottom for our Wattpad Account!
We both are friends who have a common interest in writing. We love to write books and maybe one day we can publish a book for the whole world to see. One day everyone will know our names. Or at least that is our dream.​​

Meet PB

Name: PB

She is a random soul. She likes K-pop girl bands and her style is very unique. She likes listening to music and writing. She hopes that you all will check out our account! 

Meet J

Name: J

She is a music freak. She is somehow always listening to music or on her phone. She is also a huge bookworm and is never out of books to read. She likes listening to music (of course) and reading books. She is always on her computer/phone probably reading or looking on Instagram. 

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a place where readers can go and enjoy books written by others. And writers can share their stories with others and have them be enjoyed all over the world! This is a fast and improves way to be noticed by others and find a new favorited classic!

Our Account
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This Account is a funny account and not suppose to be taken seriously! If we offend you in any way please Dm us and we will look into the problem! Now that that is over with click the link below! See you there!